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In Spain, there is a high demand for digital and tech professionals, in particular, IT profiles. In fact, the Information and communication technologies (ICT) sector in Madrid are the ones that generate the most job offers, 38.3% of the total. In addition, the wage for this type of employment is 18% higher than the average salary offered in Spain, according to an Adecco report. But despite this positive trend, there is a significant lack of skills in the needed candidates to fulfil these positions.  But Talent Garden announced the official launch of its first Spanish Masters after the arrival of the Innovation School in the newly open Talent Garden Madrid campus. Talent Garden Innovation School Madrid has set out on a mission to support the people who make the development of technology in Spain possible. Supporting both the companies that need highly trained digital and tech professionals and the future talents of this sector. Providing them with an ecosystem where they can grow and connect. The Talent Garden Innovation School is now the largest platform for networking and training for digital innovation skills in Europe and is now present in Italy, Denmark, Austria, Ireland and now also Spain. In Madrid, the school will offer a series of training opportunities to those young people who want to specialize in Data Science, UX Design and Coding.  "The Talent Garden Innovation School arrives in Madrid to answer the need for ICT professionals that traditional universities are not forming. Using disruptive methodologies focused on experience, and expert faculty these courses will answer the needs of the current labour market. Training young people to develop the skills required in these specific environments that are in constant change" explains Hugo Bourgade, director of the Talent Garden Innovation School Spain. Having trained more than 2,300 students across Europe, and achieving 96% success in terms of employability, the Talent Garden Innovation School Madrid opens with three full-time Masters: 12 weeks of full immersion training with industry experts, the school offers 15 scholarships for talented students and a guaranteed job position in the best ICT companies in Spain. The School also aims to promote gender parity in the technology sector by offering special discounts for women.  

The 2019 Innovation School Madrid Programme:

  • Code Máster: Transforms the student into a frontend developer with knowledge of the best programming tools currently used in the market. 
  • UX Design Máster: The UX Designer is currently one of the most in-demand professions in the European market. This Master turns you into a professional with the ability to create experiences that meet the needs of users without leaving aside accessibility.
  • Máster en Data Science & IA: An advanced course that will allow students to become Data Scientist, program in Python and understand Artificial Intelligence.
Enrol today and apply for the scholarships offered by Talent Garden, five scholarships per Master. To obtain a scholarship, it is necessary to send an application before August 21, 2019.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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