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Happy Geek Pride Day!

GEEK PRIDE DAY is celebrated on 25th May. So today it’s the world pride day for technology lovers. But who are these Geeks? Here's the most widespread identikit:
  • wears t-shirts with logos from television shows,
  • goes to video game conventions,
  • obsessively collects Star Trek gadgets.
But are we really sure this is a real geek? Let's look at the definition of a geek:

Geek - pronounced: /ɡiːk/ - is a term of Anglo-Saxon origin that is used to describe an eccentric or non-mainstream person, with a strong passion, or experience, in the field of digital technology, which leads him/her to be perceived as an expert.

So, according to Wikipedia, a Geek is an expert in digital technology and computer science who is very sociable…essentially the hero in the hoodie on the front cover of Forbes, who over the last twenty years has, using technology, been able to dominate markets. The Geek's passions are all things digital and he or she ends up becoming a real guru with a mission to change all our lives, in a positive manner. And what better place than Talent Garden to challenge such stereotyping and pay homage to those who are really making a difference? Let us introduce you to some of the members of the Talent Garden community who are defining the term "Geek".


1. Fintech

Talent Garden Calabiana Milan

Tommaso Migliore is the CEO and Co-founder of MDOTM, a company that uses artificial intelligence to develop investment strategies for institutional investors (banks, wealth management companies and SGR). MDOTM is one of the most innovative companies in the field of fintech and the only one from this sector to be chosen by Google for Entrepreneurs to participate in the 20th edition of Blackbox Connect, an acceleration Program that takes place in Silicon Valley which put experts from all over the world in touch with mentors, sector experts and investors who provide developmental support to participants.

“Geek means being extremely inquisitive and willing to constantly question the status quo. It is not just being inventive, it is synonymous with evolution, and with being capable of critically examining the world around us to find ways to continue to build on the endeavors of the great people who have gone before us. We are both heirs and innovators: our task is to add something different and new to the existing world.”

2. Data Visualization

Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli Turin

Barbara D'Amico is a freelance journalist and Founder of Viz & Chips, a startup created in Talent Garden that processes data to create data games, data visualisation and infographics that are simple, informative and attractive.

"Geek means exploring, analysing and interpreting data, while maintaining the wealth of information in all its complexity.”

3. Design

Talent Garden Rainmaking Copenhagen

Frederik Østergaard Neble is CEO & Co-Founder of Obital, a Danish startup founded in 2017, which has a single mission: to break down current technological barriers with a simple app and increase the quality of life of people with disabilities. Such as? Sclerose and cerebral parese, through eye tracking, a technology which measure the position and movement of the eyes.

"Geek means to believe that the best technology is the one, which empowers everyone  Through eye tracking, we are solving some of the world's problems to make a lasting difference in everyday life. "

4. Digital Transformation

 Talent Garden Poste Italiane Rome

Paola and Alfiero Brizi, brothers and Founders of Arsity, a digital platform conceived to provide information about what is on offer in the city’s museums and at the same time provide a platform which allows users to find other people to share the pleasure of visiting an exhibition in a group.

Geeks are people who are, thanks to digital technology, open to change and new ideas. Today technology brings people with similar interests together and they get to know one another, exchange opinions, and why not, meet up to enjoy an art show.”

5. Agritech

Talent Garden Barcelona

Jens Toppenberg is CEO and a Co-Founder and owner of Cloudfarms, an IT company that profitably uses the latest technology in the field of agricultural: Cloud Solutions, Precision Life Stock Farming and Food Traceability using Sensor Technology (IoT) and Blockchain.

“Promoting innovation and new business models that enhance social and environmental sustainability. Geeks are those who look for new solutions to satisfy people’s needs.”

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Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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