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In November 2019, Talent Garden Innovation School launched its first Full Time Bootcamps. Dimitar Genov was a participant in the very first UX Design course happening on our Campus in Vienna. Read the interview to find out more about the course and its content, which experiences he liked most and the prototyping tool that totally blew his mind.

1. What is your background and how did you find out about the Talent Garden Innovation School?

My background is in Industrial Design. I worked for some years as a freelancer and within agencies. I had come across UX in several projects, so I decided to dive in when I found out about Talent Garden on Facebook. Then I submitted my portfolio, took part in the challenge and won a scholarship, which was great!

2. Tell us a bit about the UX Bootcamp...

The User Experience Bootcamp - a very intense 3 months experience. We had a great group, shared knowledge and experiences among each other that really enriched us. Multiple different modules with different experts made the time at Talent Garden interesting and fast-paced. The quality of the content was top. The experiences around the course itself - networking nights with companies, fireplace nights as well as other informal get-togethers made a great difference and opened a lot of opportunities.

3. ...and describe it with one Emoji!


4. Which Module(s) did you like best and why? What did you learn about?

One of the most valuable modules was design thinking - I got really great input on running a workshop. Lisa delivered great content and insights on doing this kind of thing, with some real gems of her experience along the way. The experts were top-notch in their respective fields. I furthermore enjoyed the UX management module by Ines - she talked about very interesting experiences from her path.


5. Besides the classroom sessions, what else did you like best about the Bootcamp and why?

The Madrid trip totally rocked! Our hotel was in the heart of the city, we spent every evening eating at a different place, attending Flamenco performances, doing great stuff together. We got a lot done in a short timeframe, and the guys we were working for were great. It was a great experience!

Another great moment was when I found a job during the informal career event organized by Talent Garden Vienna.


6. Which time was the most intensive of the twelve weeks?

The week before Christmas and the week before the group project finished, were by far the most challenging. I was close to total exhaustion xD


7. Tell us about one thing that you learned in the Bootcamp which totally blew your mind.

Interactive prototyping in Figma - it was pretty much a game-changer to me. Such an easy and elegant way to show ideas, I wish I had known it before.


8. Which advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining the Talent Garden Innovation School?

They can become familiar with Figma in advance so that they can produce quickly during the execution phase.


9. Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Just keep going!


Thank you so much, Dimitar, for this interesting interview!

Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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