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Luisa Redini was a participant in our UX Design course happening 100% Online. Read the interview to find out more about the course and its content, the experiences she liked most, and the prototyping tool that totally blew her mind.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and why you choose to do this UX Design Online Course?

Anyone who sees my resume asks me this question: how is it possible that you work in the marketing field after completing your education in law? The answer is: Opportunity. And it’s all about good opportunities that led me a few years ago to come across professionals specialized in User Experience Research. This methodology and mindset caught my curiosity and led me to deepen my knowledge on the subject and improve my professional preparation.

What was it like to study at the Talent Garden Innovation School?

Theory, practice, sharing and innovation are the words that come to my mind when I think back to the 2 intense months of that UX Design Master. The course was a true condensation of theoretical, but above all practical knowledge of the whole “double diamond” process typical of UX Design. The chance to put ourselves to the test with an ambitious Project Work was the real added value to the whole learning process.

Can you tell us about your classmates, faculty and the people you met while attending the course?

One of the most stimulating parts of the Master, in addition to the Project Work, was the continuous exchange with a motivated work group and with professionals "at our service" who have contributed to giving us food for thought and growth hints that are very interesting not only during classes but also during Late Night events. Continuous feeding of knowledge and inspiration to do better. It was very interesting to work in a well-constructed cross-functional workgroup, where everyone, according to their aptitudes and abilities, had the opportunity to express themselves in the different phases of the project. A definitely fruitful exchange.

What was your favourite part of the UX Online Course?

For my background, it was particularly interesting to try my hand at my first real prototyping. Transforming research insights into real solutions to meet the needs of the target audience was really exciting. The most challenging part was the creation of the wireframes for the app we created. Seeing what we had only imagined, translated into reality and present it to the partner Company (one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical field) was very rewarding.

What advice would you give to new students starting this course?

Don't be fooled by the word "Part Time" 😊 The course is very well structured and in order to be able to deliver so much valuable content in just over 2 months, it takes commitment, a lot of concentration and a fast pace. What you find at the end of the course is concrete knowledge of the whole process, but above all it allows you to get out of your own point of view and put yourself in the shoes of who will use that product or service. In short: fasten your seat belts!

What is life like now after doing the UX Design Online Course?

The methodologies I learned have now become part of my portfolio of solutions to manage daily activities. I currently use some of the tools used in class and I try as much as possible to suggest their use also to my colleagues. I really hope to have the chance to put the whole process into practice and master the techniques learned also in my career.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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