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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new"

- Socrates

On September 17th, 2020, the People Club Austria finally started with the first Exploration Day on the exciting topic Conscious Leadership & Neuroscience. We would like to thank everyone who joined the event in person - we appreciate it very much, as it is not easy in times of physical distance. Nevertheless, we believe that we all felt how important it is and how good it feels to physically connect and exchange from time to time - and that is exactly what the People Club is for! We are aware that access was restricted for many of you due to internal company COVID-19 rules, so we would like to give you a brief review of the Exploration Day as well as an outlook on what is yet to come:


1. Official Opening

    • Campus Tour, Introduction to Talent Garden & People Club by Petra Hauser. If you have never been at Talent Garden Vienna, take a virtual tour here.
  • Introduction Round of People Club Participants 
  • Announcement of partnership between WU Executive Academy and Talent Garden Innovation School by Helga Pattart-Drexler, Vienna University of Economics and Business - stay tuned!

2. Keynote: Conscious Leadership & Neuroscience by Johannes Mahler

Johannes Mahler (Thrive X) gave us an introduction to flow and mindfulness and what it means in leadership. We were all able to test these new insights on the topic of consciousness and its correlating neurological effects through the exercise "Boxed Breathing", in which the mind finds peace through breathing in a certain time frame. If you want to try boxed breathing yourself, do it here.

3. Collaborative Workshop & Testimonial guided by Petra Hauser

Which problems can be solved with the means of flow? Clustering blockages Which flow factors/exercises could solve the problems? Finding different ways to resolve blockages

4. Best Practice: Mindfulness at SAP 

Dr. Heidger Marx from SAP joined us virtually and gave us an overview of how mindfulness works and is integrated at SAP. We recorded the conversation and you can rewatch his presentation and the following questions and answers.  We tested his recommendation of the "Mindful-Minute" at the beginning of each meeting at Talent Garden and we really love it ;)


People Club Exploration Day #2 Organizational Change Approach with Roland Hess on October 22, 2020

Roland Hess will change our view and our organizations. With his straightforward approach to recognizing the connection between blocking mental models and the system of our organizations, Roland will raise awareness of the effects and impacts of our own behavior. Register now for our next People Club Exploration Day on October 22, 2020.


If there is one thing the past few months have taught us, it is probably that we need to remain flexible and that things that we took for granted may need to change. Many of you are not able to come to the campus personally. For this reason, we are trying to set up a live digital version for you, which means that you can participate in the Exploration Days from the safety of your home - so stay tuned for more information soon!


Become part of the unique community of HR managers and people leaders now and benefit from many incentives including our vast network and valuable connections to people:
  • As a People Club Member you’ll receive a 15% discount on Workshop Rooms & Event Space at Talent Garden
  • Colleague Bonus: A colleague is joining you on this transformational journey?
  • Receive a 10% discount on every additional company membership
  • Friendship Bonus: If you refer someone from another company, you’ll receive 500€ off your own membership
Article updated on: 23 August 2023
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