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They are called tools and are used by the Growth Hackers to operate at minimum costs and in a short time. Hence, know them is important, but using them is even more so. In some cases, they represent a time savings of more than 90% compared to the manual management of a project. But, lo and behold, in 100% of the cases they represent a unique and more than ever effective way to develop very important numbers in terms of users, customers, data. But which are the most important?

For data analysis

  SimilarWeb analyses anonymous data coming from almost 100 million devices and hundred thousand websites, in order to trace a more or less accurate map of the traffic. Sociograph analyses statistics linked to the groups, by identifying the members influencing the interests base, comments and specific actions. Fanpage Karma verifies the health condition of the fan page, identifies the contents that work better and the less effective ones, identifies the best time to post, understands the level of activity of the fan page.

For management of links

  Bitly is a tool that allows you to shorten the URL and customize it. Rebrandly generates short links with the name of your brand. CickMeter allows knowing in real time the user with a set of information (date and time, IP address, place, phone company, browser…).

For analytics

  Google Analytics is a service free of charge that Google makes available for its users to monitor the trend of their website. Woopra is a platform that allows keeping track of the users who visit your website. Kissmetrics in practice helps you to identify how the behaviours of your customers change over the time, by informing you when the visitors are in a specific stage of the conversion funnel.

For heatmapping

  Hotjar detects the quality data of users of our website. CrazyEgg has an easy functioning: given a test period, this service generates a heatmap which is a graphical representation of the major areas of interest for the users.  

For surveys

    Typeform is an online service promoting and sharing interactive online questionnaires. SurveyMonkey is used for any purpose: from customer satisfaction to job performance reviews, from assessment of courses to any type of research.

For writing

    Grammarly is an automatic proof-reader, a “personal grammar coach”, when you have to write English texts and you are not sure of grammar, spelling and style.


    SEMrush is the best online tool to analyse and monitor your and your competitors’ website. Seo Zoom monitors projects, analyses traffic volumes and studies your competitors. Ahrefs scans the web through a proprietary crawler, updates its indexes on a regular basis and offers a wide range of functions to analyse the link profile of a website.

For social media management

    Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard, namely a platform allowing to share with a click contents on the social networks. Buffer is useful to share contents on different social networks in a scheduled way. It gives visibility to your activities through the main social media marketing channels. Post Pickr simultaneously manages your activities on different social networks.

For e-mail marketing

    MailChimp is a software for collection and management of e-mails, particularly appropriate to send newsletter and email marketing campaigns. Active Campaign is a professional autoresponder that allows to creating and managing in a total independent way your mailing list. GetResponse offers the possibility to create your mailing list, build the sales funnel, send email to contacts and create automated emails.

For advertising

    AdEspresso allows you to optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook. With the function Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking, you can know exactly what is occurring in your website after the users have clicked on your advertisement. AdRoll is a tool for promotion and optimization of conversions.

For live chats

  WhatsHelp is the platform for the exchange of messages or customized notices through the most popular apps of instant messaging. Tawk is useful to talk in real time to the customers of your website by seeing what they are doing. Zendesk is a software optimizing the relationships with your customers.

For landing pages

    Unbounce is probably the most complete and easiest tool. It offers an online tutorial that allows helping the inexperienced users about how to create successful Landing Pages. Finally, there is a multi-customer management available for companies. Leadpages is a very cheap service with a wide range of functions and really easy to use. Instapage is extremely simple and linear, but at the same time very complete. Instapage can be the solution that best suits to people who have found in the wide range of options of Unbounce a limit rather than a resource.

For funnel 

    ClickFunnels is a so powerful tool that allows you any type of funnels.

For A/B testing

    Google Optimizer is a tool of Google supporting the professionals who manage properties web or mobile applications in the hard task to optimize the conversion. Optimizely is a high-quality tool for the acquisition of customers that helps the companies to increase the involvement, interactions and conversions on the website.

For chatbots

    ManyChat to create a Messenger chatbot in 2 minutes. Chatfuel allows you to create easily a BOT, including starting from some templates that you can use as a spark and to understand how they are configured.

For referral programs

Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing platform to launch classification competitions, lotteries, pre-launch. ReferralCandy allows you to offer a gift certificate or coupon to a customer if he/she brings other customers.

For graphic

    Canva is a Website allowing to create and customize the graphics of any type of project in a simple and intuitive way.

For videos

    Lumen5 literally turns the posts of your blog into videos complete with music. Animoto is a software that allows turning pictures, music and videoclips into professional videos.

For the influencer marketing

  Klear allows discovering useful information about your social media life on the rest of the community and allows discovering in an easy way who are the most relevant and charismatic users with respect to the most prominent topics. Kout is a social networking service offering customized statistical analysis on social media. For integration Zapier connects and integrates different online applications one another by automating some actions that otherwise should be realized manually and repeatedly.  

For organization of teamwork

Slack was born as a platform for the communication between work teams, organized in channels. With this tool, you can share easily and quickly files, above all thanks to the integration with outsourced services. Trello is the perfect tool for the project management that allows you to manage, share and monitor everything in a smart manner. Evernote files and organizes digital notes, cut outs of web pages, useful addresses.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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