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Our thought process holds an exceptionally amazing part in what we believe and how we think. Our opinion about ourselves and our abilities decide how we act and lead our life. What you accept is the thing that you accomplish. Consciously or unconsciously, how you decide to understand your experiences in life can define the limits on what you can achieve.  There's real value and force in accepting that you can improve and achieve what you set out to accomplish by looking at disappointments and failures as opportunities for growth. It's being strong in times of tough conditions with unexpected outcomes. With this in mind, how do we shift ourselves from being limited by our abilities and thoughts to discovering opportunities to grow? How can we focus on a way of learning and growth?  Before we can start to address any of these questions or talk about ideas, it’s highly important to understand the idea of two significant types of mindset – Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset sees insight and ability as characteristics that can be developed over time. This implies that individuals with a growth mindset simply acknowledge the fact that there are a few variable factors in what we would all be able to accomplish. A growth mindset basically implies that individuals accept their intelligence and skills can be worked on through practice and relentless effort.  A growth mindset additionally assumes that difficulties are an important piece of the learning system and allows individuals to 'pop back' by expanding their motivational strength. This sort of mindset considers 'shortcomings’ to be temporary and variable, and hence, a growth mindset is essential for learning, versatility, inspiration, and consistent performance.

What is a Fixed Mindset?

In a fixed mindset, individuals accept that characteristics, like skills and intelligence, are fixed. That is to say, they accept that they're brought into the world with a certain level of knowledge and natural talents that they'll be able to use and identify in adulthood.  A person with a fixed mindset ordinarily keeps himself away from challenges throughout life, surrenders immediately, and becomes scared or insecure by the accomplishment of others. This is to some extent because of the fact that a fixed mindset doesn't consider knowledge to be a skill as something you develop over time —it's something you "are" naturally.  Fixed mindsets can prompt self-doubt and negative thinking. For example, an individual with a fixed mindset may fail at a certain task and start thinking that it’s only because they aren't cut out for that job. Though a person with a growth mindset may fail at a similar job and still believe that this failure is a stepping stone for them and they need to invest more energy practicing it.

Tips to Develop a Growth Mindset to Excel in Life

Neuroscience experts have discovered that it is possible to develop a growth mindset by showing individuals how the brain actually works in a way that can be flexible and improves through consistent effort and learning. Here are several ways you can try to develop a growth mindset through minimal practices.
  • Identify and embrace your shortcomings 
Perhaps you realise that you are quite lazy and will in general postpone things as late as possible. In that case, try to solve this laziness issue by setting small milestones and giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to achieve them. One of the least challenging approaches to defeat your shortcomings is to be honest with yourself about your limitations and tackle them head-on. 
  • Know that you can improve 
One of the most effective strategies for encouraging a growth mindset is by understanding how our brains are wired to develop and learn. By testing yourself with new experiences, you can shape or solidify neural connections by rewiring your mind which can make you more intelligent. 
  • View difficulties as a stepping stone 
We are continually faced with difficult choices, like whether to accept a new position or take another class. Taking on these difficulties is a major part of developing a growth mindset. The more we challenge ourselves, the more chances we have to find out about ourselves. New difficulties are equivalent to new opportunities to be flexible in life and our decisions.  Taking on a new challenge might be scary because of the risk of failure. This might keep you away from stressful situations as you continue down the typical path, sticking to the same excuses that keep us in our comfort zones throughout our life. But, once we break that chain, we are done with the most difficult stage of developing a growth mindset.
  • Reward your effort during the process
Despite the fact that society frequently rewards the people who accomplish magnificent results, this can neutralise a growth mindset. All things considered, we must begin to reward the process and the effort put in. A few studies have shown that rewarding efforts over results during the process will in general improve the overall performance. 
  • Get feedback consistently
Try to have consistent feedback on your progress. When people are provided with constructive criticism or progressive feedback regarding what they have worked towards and where they can improve, it creates motivation to continue onward. Consistent feedback is also connected with a pleasurable dopamine reaction and improves a growth mindset.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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