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Video streaming platforms represent an effective way to enhance content, monetize and promote products and services. Thanks to them, content creators and influencers can create communities linked to specific topics and interact with them. Gaming, entertainment and infotainment are just some of the topics that have determined the success of a particular form of video streaming, precisely the live streaming, which has Twitch as main reference, at the moment. Therefore, let’s try to analyze this phenomenon and understand what can be its role in the definition of a Digital Marketing strategy.

Twitch: what is it?

Twitch, or to be more precise, is an on-demand live streaming platform which finds its origins in the project, created in 2007 to offer a live online video service. The latter was acquired by Amazon which preserved the original content, and in June 2011 launched Twitch as a spin-off, proposing it as a solution dedicated to video game streaming and the events broadcasting related to eSports. It is available both as a website and as an application for smartphones (Android and iOS) and smart TVs. Twitch enables you to create your own channel, film your game sessions, and broadcast them over the Internet. Viewers can interact live with streamers via chat and support their business through different financing methods. Basically, it is a free service, but creators can decide to limit access to their content, or to provide exclusive content to the most actively supporting members of the community. Twitch channels are subdivided in categories, so that users can more easily find the live streams of their interest. Over time, this service has also opened its doors to different topics with respect to video game entertainment, hosting in-depth content on various themes, or issues in just chatting and IRL (In real life) mode, in other words video streaming sessions that capture moments of streamers’ lives. This has occurred in recent years, in particular. In fact, the pandemic emergency and restrictions related to personal mobility due to lockdowns have provided an incentive to use online broadcasts. Among the reasons that led Twitch to the success, there are more advanced live streaming tools, than those of competing services such as YouTube. On the other hand, an effective remuneration system of creators that includes donations and affiliations, and that also allows to activate sponsorships and sell merchandising.

How does Twitch work?

Twitch allows you to view the streamers’ live sessions, even if you are not registered with the service. But if you want to be part of the community, use the chat, follow creators’ channels, receive updates, make donations and broadcast live streaming, it is still necessary to have a minimum of a basic account. The latter is totally free and it can be activated through a simple registration procedure, just by clicking on the "Sign Up" button on the top left, or on the "Join the Twitch community" banner at the bottom of the screen. After that, you will be asked to fill a form (“Sign Up”) specify a username, a password (to be confirmed), your date of birth, a telephone number or an e-mail address to prove the registration. After this step and sending the form, it will confirm your registration via telephone number and e-mail address previously added to login and you can start using Twitch with a basic account.

Prime Gaming: what it is and how to subscribe

Prime Gaming, or Twitch Prime, is a service included in the Amazon Prime subscription that unlocks access to a wide range of exclusive video game content, to a continuously updated PC game collection and a Twitch channel subscription, every month at no additional cost. Amazon Prime costs 36 euros per year, or 3.99 euros per month, but it also includes other benefits, such as free shipping, lightning deals, faster deliveries than standard Amazon accounts, unlimited online storage of images on Amazon Photos, as well as the possibility to watch movies and TV series on Prime Video, listen to Amazon Music songs without any ads, and read Prime Reading e-books and comics. The service can be tested for free for 30 days. If you want to activate Twitch Prime, you need to access your Twitch profile settings and view the “Connections” section where you can also find Amazon. To complete the operation, simply enter your Amazon login credentials and click on the "Connect" button.

Twitch Marketing: how to include Twitch in a Digital Marketing strategy

The possibility of creating live streaming video presents various opportunities for Digital Marketing. Streamers create communities and their viewers are strongly interested in products, events and services related to their passions. A user who follows Fortnite, Minecraft or League of Legends channels will be involved not only by content concerning all gameplay (for example v-buck, or in-App purchases for additional features), but also in everything that revolves around the videogame entertainment, from hardware (PC, speakers, monitors...) to gaming chairs, from accessories (headphones, microphones...) to merchandising, up to all events concerning this sector. From this point of view, influencers and brands play a fundamental role in determining trends, just like marketing specialists, of course. This also applies to an innovative and ever-evolving context, not only to gaming. The best solution to understand the dynamics is to face a specialized training course, such as the one proposed by Talent Garden. Its Digital Marketing Master is divided into 14 weeks full immersion experience, where to train new Digital Marketing Specialists, or rather those professionals capable of using different communication channels, applying the most effective methods for campaign analysis, and optimizing them for best results. The next edition of the Master course will be held in blended mode, with both online and face-to-face lessons in the Calabiana Campus of Talent Garden located in Milan, starting from 4th April, 2022.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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