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The "brain drain" phenomenon is affecting many countries around Europe, and in particular Italy, large numbers of educated and skilled people are leaving their countries to live and work in another one where working conditions are better. The brain drain causes countries, industries, and organizations to lose valuable individuals and damages local economic growth.  In 10 years Italy has lost 250,000 young people. A phenomenon that is worrying from various points of view and has resulted in a loss of resources for the country that has become pathological in recent years and has already an estimated total cost of over 16 billion*, including both the expenditure incurred by public education and considering the loss of tax revenue that these workers would have generated. The global financial crisis and that of the Eurozone has resulted in a consistent migratory current from southern to northern Europe and a shift of talents within the continent. At the basis of this phenomenon, we obviously find the high unemployment rate among young people, which is aggravated by the fact that in Italy today 50% of unemployed young people have been in this condition for more than a year. The most significant increase in emigration occurred among graduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). These dynamics trigger a process of deterioration of skills, a potential disincentive to invest in training and a loss of territorial competitiveness. In Talent Garden, we want to work towards stopping the brain drain in Italy by providing young, highly skilled professionals with a concrete alternative that encourages them to stay in this country by creating a bridge between the innovation centres from around the world.  In Europe, and especially in Italy, we cannot continue to hide behind excuses such as "we are not as ambitious as Silicon Valley" or "we do not have the power of China". We need to provide a combination of three essential factors to make an impact on the local digital ecosystem: Training, Network and Ecosystem. We need to start by investing in young people, with vertical and specialized training, in line with market trends and based on digital and new technologies, and we need to create a network and a community of innovators that can connect around the country and the world. Talent Garden is driven by a mission to create concrete opportunities in response to the request of young innovators who want to feel part of an ecosystem larger than the borders of their country. Talent Garden strives to be an engine of change in the field of innovation, these professionals in Italy (startuppers, freelancers, digital agencies, etc.) are asking us to support them with occasions to meet with investors, large companies, and the public, to access talent, and to have a network of opportunities throughout Europe and the world. Stopping the brain drain is one of our more ambitious goals, but it is with this objective that we officially open the doors to our latest campus in Rome, Talent Garden Ostiense. This campus represents an important investment in the digital ecosystem in Rome with the aim of making the capital a reference point for digital innovation at a European level.  Talent Garden Ostiense has 5,000 square meters and will host a community of over 300 digital and tech professionals connecting them to the European ecosystem and making Rome a key player in the world of innovation and a more attractive city for international realities. It will also house our disruptive education institute Talent Garden Innovation School. Lorenzo Maternini, Talent Garden Vice President Global Sales & Country Manager Italy, said: "A vertical and specialized training based on digital and new technologies capable of responding to the real demands of the market is the basis of our Talent Garden Innovation School that is now in Rome and in which we expect to train over 1,000 people in two years in digital and technological innovation." Inside this campus, we already have essential active partnerships with universities and corporate institutions such as the University of Rome Tre, Accenture, Acea, ENI, FabLab Rome, Leonardo, Poste Italiane. "We at Talent Garden believe that we need to invest in young people, on forms of professional education in line with market developments, on digital and technology, and restoring Italy and Rome by giving the local innovators a physical base and a community so they can succeed. We support this country on its journey to becoming key in Europe and as a capital of digital innovation." Davide Dattolli CEO of Talent Garden Learn more about Talent Garden Ostiense
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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