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On the 12th of September, we officially launched Talent Garden Isola the third campus in Milan and our first space that is entirely dedicated to Foodtech and Sustainability. At the opening event Davide Dattoli continued to say "Starting from this awareness and looking closer at the local Italian situation, our goal is to contribute to bridging the cultural gap that exists in Italy on the subject of digital innovation and that limits the dialogue between big food corporates - and not only - and the startups of the sector and also to favour the interception of investments. Although Italy is, in fact, the third European ecosystem for investments after the UK and France, we must keep in mind that Europe represents only 9% of the global funding in the foodtech sector which is estimated to be equal to 17 billion". The future of food and agriculture is reshaping the world we live in, and the innovators that are impacting these industries need a base with the support necessary to create sustainable solutions. Talent Garden Isola, is this base. Dedicated to foodtech and sustainability, Talent Garden is empowering local startups and connecting our European community so they can shape the future. This new space is located inside the important Palazzo della Regione Lombardia building, these modern creative coworking spaces will host 180 members from startup professionals, incubators, venture capital, universities and foodtech companies, and will be a place for sharing and networking in which to create and develop new business opportunities and ideas. It also has two workshop rooms for the Talent Garden Innovation School, our educational institute dedicated to the world of innovation and digital skills training and a TAG Café open to the public. The new campus involved an investment of 1.5 million euros and is in the Isola district. This is the third campus in Milan and will be connected with the already active campuses in Porta Romana and North Loreto, that are currently hosting over 500 professionals and are already reference points for the world of digital economy and national innovation. Already more than 30 startups like Quomi,, Soul-K, Benvolio, and Mulan Group call the Isola campus home. These professionals are the most interesting innovators operating in the world of foodtech in the Italian and European ecosystem. One of the key resources we offer to our community is the continuous interaction and confrontation with large corporates through our partnerships. Talent Garden Isola is currently supported by Accenture, Blu1877 (Barilla), Eataly, Electrolux, Future Food Institute, Gambero Rosso, Lavazza, Unilever and VarGroup. "In Italy the agricultural sector is worth more than 100 million Euros and the food industry is one of the few sectors that has continued to grow in the past few years and for this reason we are very proud that some of the most important names in the Italian food scene have chosen to be part of this new project " Lorenzo Maternini, Vice President of Global Sales and Country Manager Italy Talent Garden.  Lorenzo continued "To favor the creation of an international community linked to these important themes for us means to participate in those creating solutions that will change our habits, the way of enjoying services and products, because this is where there will be the greatest revolutions in this sector, we need to focus on the sustainability of innovation. The added value of Talent Garden is in its ability to create culture, networks and relationships. The Isola campus wants to be the Italian home of innovation linked to foodtech and sustainability and we are convinced that with the presence of our partners we will be able to support the growth of hundreds of startups active in this sector, and this campus will be an industry reference point at an international level. On a cultural level, we will also support professionals through training, introducing specific courses within the Talent Garden Innovation School" This vital collaboration with important national and local institutional partners, industrial and editorial groups, consulting and technological innovation companies gives Talent Garden the ability to create working environments with a continuous flow of innovative ideas. Within the campus, the most innovative startups in the sector and the main corporations present in Italy and active within the food world will work side by side. Together they will be able to carry out projects of digital development and transformation, business ideas and events related to the world of foodtech and sustainability. Learn more about Talent Garden Isola

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The State of Global Foodtech Report
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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