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Here in Talent Garden, we have a continuously growing network of talented digital and tech professionals from all walks of life and industries. We have a community of 3.500 members in 23 campuses across 8 countries, all interconnected through collaborations, partnerships, space sharing and on our online platform. We have created an ecosystem that has inbuilt core values to connect people for the common good. Each member has the opportunity to benefit both personally and help others through building relationships, sharing knowledge and learning new skills. This increases the single business or members chances to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, and every individual success boosts the community as a whole.

But don't take our word for it, read the testimonials from our Spanish network of Taggers

Talent Garden Testimonial Talent Garden has helped me because I worked from home and it was a lifestyle that I wasn't happy with anymore and I needed a new place to work, I could have just been happy with being outside my home, but once in Talent Garden I found that there is this great atmosphere, I have met really nice people here, but I have also found the opportunity to hire someone for our company using the network provided here, at the beginning I had my hesitations because I didn't know if working with other people was going to be comfortable but being here I realised that you can do it and that it is actually quite nice. Also, the treatment from the internal Talent Garde staff members has been the best, they have made me feel really comfortable, and I can see that they are building a community above all else. Juan Grases Software Developer - IDALKO  Talent Garden Testimonials What I like the most about working here is that we get to meet new people every day and are in a different and inspiring environment. Sometimes working for a company you can feel a bit trapped like you are always with the same people. Working in a coworking space while being a part of a bigger company helps because you can get different points of view from other people working in different fields and Industries, being in the same office with people from the same organisation can limit you to think too similar to each other. Sometimes you are just having lunch, and you explain what your product is, and you can get instant feedback from external professionals. Another benefit is while being part of the marketing team, it feels like you are demanded from a lot of the members of the company and sometimes is hard to get things done, so being away in a different environment gives me the chance to finish my tasks without so many distractions while still being in contact with the company. We also have a super nice Community Manager! She helps us daily with everything we need from information to getting new relevant connections. Elisa Vadanovici Marketing Manager - HOSCO Talent Garden Testimonial The best thing about Talent Garden is the peacefulness, the comfort and flexibility and also the great interaction with other people inside the campus. Obviously, also the fact that Talent Garden is so supportive and helpful when it comes to their community, the openness, the modern interior design and the great location helps to be more productive, also the fact that if your company grows you can easily locate them within the same space, this gives a good quality of life to your company. I chose Talent Garden especially because of the great location, I think that basically it is located in the best area to work in Barcelona where all big corporates are. Another factor I chose it for was because of the people working in here! Since the beginning the internal Talent Garden team have been so easy to communicate with, they are very flexible and they go out of their ways to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Nacho Muñiz Co-founder and CMO - Bjaland I have been in many different coworking spaces before and tried them all for a couple of months, and when I found Talent Garden Barcelona, I was so happy to see that all my requirements were met, the location was great, the facilities were inspiring to work in and the best thing was that the atmosphere encouraged me to work in a comfortable and productive way. I like to come to work here since I work remotely, this place has all the comfort and resources I need available so that when I go back home to my family I know I can focus on enjoying the time and not worry about work. Talent Garden has given me and my company the space to bring our colleagues together from other places here in Barcelona and made it possible for us to work together in a different location. It truly gives you all the resources you need and they go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and adapt to your needs. Alvaro de Miguel Arrivi Technical Team Leader -  Payworks
Article updated on: 10 August 2023
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