The industrial partnership between Talent Garden and The Social Hub
The industrial partnership between Talent Garden and The Social Hub
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The industrial partnership between Talent Garden, the largest digital academy for digital skills, and The Social Hub, leader in hybrid hospitality, is underway. With a capital increase, The Social Hub acquired a 5% stake in Talent Garden, investing in the value of both communities as a driving force for connections, growth and change. The current partners of Talent Garden also participated in the financing round: Startip (TIP - Tamburi Investment Partners), Ga.Ma. (Gaetano Marzotto's family), Angelini Investments, Digital Magics, D'Amico Partecipazioni Finanziarie, FI.PA. Participation finance company, Viris, Eurofinleading Fiduciaria (Ceresio Investors) and Ing. Fracassi (MutuiOnLine). The aim is to create a unique platform in Europe in the edutech field for workers and students who choose to enrich their skills with international training courses, thereby enhancing their career prospects.


Globally, according to data, 30% of "working-expats" hold senior/specialist positions, 17% are in middle management roles, while 13% occupy top manager/executive positions. These numbers become even more significant, considering that the digital education market, valued at 5 billion euros in Europe alone, represents one of the fastest-growing sectors.

Talent Garden, which trains more than 20,000 managers and 5000 students every year, will work on developing training strategies on digital and innovation topics through targeted courses to offer The Social Hub community - entrepreneurs, students and business travellers - the opportunity to constantly explore and learn digital skills.

The European network of The Social Hub, with its 16 facilities across Europe, will serve as the main platform from which Talent Garden will conduct digital educational programs, combining training and hospitality for international professionals abroad. These will have access to Talent Garden's learning tools in various topics such as AI, data, digital marketing, user experience and overall digital transformation, including the contents of Hyper Island, part of the Talent Garden group. Furthermore, a customised program is being developed for The Social Hub's internal students to enhance their skills and improve their professional development opportunities.

The pilot project will operate for one year in three The Social Hub facilities located in Vienna, Florence and Bologna. The programs will then be extended to The Social Hub's entire portfolio after the first two years.

“​​We are really happy about this strategic partnership. We are now able to offer a unique educational opportunity to our communities across Europe.  This will take what we can offer our students, co-workers and other guests to the next level. As Talent Garden and TSH have so many shared values, we felt we could build on this to create connections for both our communities. We can now expand our extensive community programme to include meaningful and fun courses, that also educate and develop talent. With Talent Garden providing the link to more knowledge, spaces and resources needed to grow this ambition further. We believe this willhelp us bring  people together to create a better society," says Charlie MacGregor, CEO and Founder of The Social Hub.

"We are excited to work with The Social Hub, together we want to build something unique in Europe for professionals, students and startups – declares Davide Dattoli, Founder of Talent Garden -. As Talent Garden, we want to provide the opportunity for students and international workers to have a complete learning experience, with access to unique locations in different countries for accommodation and, at the same time, opportunities for learning and courses. The goal is to unleash talent by creating a unique European platform to build immersive experiences for study and professional growth".

Talent Garden and The Social Hub were assisted in the contractualization of the partnership by the advisors BonelliErede, Pedersoli, Equita Group, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati, Tamburi Investment Partners, and Milano Notai. 

Article updated on: 11 December 2023
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