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Startups resilience in difficult times Reinventing, crisis, digitization, innovation... Terms that are on everyone's lips nowadays, but a combination of all of them can be overwhelming for many businesses that see themselves for the first time in such a critical situation. Since the Corona crisis started, we have seen many examples of just how startups have an almost natural inbuilt adaptability and this helps them to be resilient even in difficult times. And this should be seen as a source of inspiration for many other businesses with a more traditional structure. In fact, creating a service that is based on an experience of entrepreneurship is precisely what Nando Abril and Oyer Corazón, founders of HECHO.Company are doing. As they say, it is about finding a way to readapt and "surf the tsunami." When the reality of COVID-19 hit Spain many companies had to change their plans and rethink goals just like HECHO.Company but this task is not simple and for many companies, it has proved extremely difficult. 
"When we talked about defining a medium-term plan, we could say that for many companies this used to be a time frame of one year. In addition, we were meeting companies that either couldn't find the time to invest in innovation, or either didn't see the value, or they didn't have the resources. Today the scenario has changed completely. There is no other option," says Nando Abril. 
Both Oyer and Nando agree that nowadays their clients have “a generalized attitude that makes their services almost essential: to overcome fear. Corporations are afraid of not being able to deal with the situation, to have to reduce their human resources, afraid that their businesses will fail”.

Evaluation, Mentoring and Implementation

At HECHO.Company they have not only reacted quickly, but they are also helping their clients do the same with their new program “HECHO en 90 días” (DONE in 90 days). A 3-month process of evaluation, mentoring and implementation of a plan that allows companies to be more adaptable resulting in better resilience to change. This plan is idealized thanks to creativity, innovation and, of course, motivation. The three key values of the innovative environment, and also common pillars for all of Talent Garden's Community. HECHO.Company At Talent Garden Madrid we have witnessed the growth of this startup, a consultancy dedicated to helping companies improve their results using innovation to rethink products and services. They use methodologies such as Design Thinking and digital tools to develop a successful plan that scales the business of small and medium-sized enterprises. Stories like this make us continue to believe that innovation is not just an immediate solution but it is the future, and technology and digitization is the road map.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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