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When understanding the new scopes of innovation and technology, we in Talent Garden, believe and put an emphasis on the discovery of new ecosystems looking to create meaningful connections to push new ideas forward.  In order to achieve both the connections and the knowledge, we look at the leading innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley and Israel. Israel has become a powerhouse in innovation technologies that have been changing the way we work, eat, drive over the last few decades and we often look at the trends that are emerging there in order to understand what are the best strategies the corporates we work with should take in their upcoming development.  Every February the city of Jerusalem hosts one of the largest technology conferences organized by the global venture fund, Our Crowd. This summit brings together investors, corporates, institutions and startups from over 150 countries and gives the opportunity to all of these players to meet and interact.  Talent Garden attended this summit once again in 2020 and had the opportunity to see first hand some of the trends that will shape, not only the next year but the next decade. 


In this market, we were able to see that the trends and the companies innovating in this area are moving from sick care (how do we treat those who are already ill) to health care (Focusing on what types of technologies can we use to ensure that we stay healthy and maintain a high quality of life for longer).


In this market, the highest trend is still focused on autonomous driving and the cars of the future, however, we are also seeing a strong swing towards the safety of the pedestrians and not only of the drivers (or passengers in the case of autonomous cars).


The market of Food and Agrifood has been going through a huge disruption in the last few years as such the rise of cellular agriculture and “lab created protein” is on the rise. Similar to other trends in this area the focus now is on creating solutions that push forward a cheap, tasty and healthy food that also has a positive impact on our planet. 

Emotion drives Innovation

An interesting twist to follow in the world of Artificial Intelligence is the development of tools that bring in emotion and different psychological aspects into our automated, machine learning based technologies. The understanding of what type of emotion our service creates or what makes our customers experience different feelings will be the future of AI. 

Robotica, Automation and Productivity

We are also witnessing a new age of robotica and of tools and technologies that are now being created to elevate our level of productivity. In terms of robots, we are seeing a trend in robot-to-robot communication and a clear view that everything that can be automated, will be automated, very soon. 

Cyber, Cyber, Cyber

Israel has always and will continue to be a leading force in the world of cybersecurity. With technologies emerging from the Israeli Military, we are also seeing a shift and focus on how we can monitor and keep ourselves and our companies safe from the dark web while still working on how to protect our automated processes, our homes, cars and digital identity. 

Quantum Computing

Finally, one of the more distant trends that we are seeing, but also trying to understand is the trend of Quantum computing. With only 800 people worldwide who have the quantum capabilities and knowledge it is still a blue ocean of opportunities. However, like many previous blue oceans, this is one that will evolve and change faster than we expect, as has happened with many other deep technologies.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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