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Talent Garden reveal details of the new Dublin campus, the first residents as well as a month-long tech learning extravaganza to celebrate their upcoming September launch. Europe’s largest co-working network, Talent Garden, will launch a new hub for digital innovation, in partnership with Dublin City University in September. The Talent Garden coworking space will be the first collaboration of its kind in Europe and to mark the opening, Talent Garden Dublin will host 30 events in 30 days. The building, which is on schedule to open at the beginning of September, was revealed today at a sneak peek to selected guests from the Dublin tech ecosystem, as were details of the ambitious plan to celebrate the launch of Talent Garden by hosting 30 events in 30 days in September. This series of events will include Corporate Innovation Workshops, Fireside chats with global tech leaders based in Ireland, Meet Ups, Start-Up advisory sessions with experts from fields of finance, marketing, fund-raising etc, VC mentoring, panel debates and many more. Among the first to join the Talent Garden community in Dublin will be CheckVentory, a digital auditing solution for vehicles; SureSitter, a platform connecting parents and babysitters; BikeLook, a unique solution to bike theft and recovering stolen bikes; and Bear Notes, a flexible writing app and winner of the Apple Design Award 2017. Speaking at the sneak peek, Luca Ascani from Talent Garden Dublin said
“Today is a glimpse of the potential that Talent Garden has to offer Dublin’s tech ecosystem and the next step towards bridging global alliances with the local innovation players in startups, corporates and the public anywhere in the world to deliver disruptive digital skills globally. After two years in the pipeline, we are on schedule to open our doors in September and connect and collaborate with our network of 3,500 global entrepreneurs.”
Founded six years ago, Talent Garden is now the largest European co-working and digital innovation network, hosting hundreds of startup companies and working with large corporates, including the likes of BMW, Google and Electrolux, in 23 campuses across eight European countries. Members of Talent Garden Dublin can also avail of the platform anywhere in the growing Talent Garden network of facilities across the 18 cities in Europe. The local partners of Talent Garden Dublin are Luca Ascani, Salvatore Esposito and Niall O’Connor, all successful tech entrepreneurs based in Ireland. Talent Garden’s unique Irish facility will provide flexible workspace for freelancers, tech start-ups and corporate innovation labs, with capacity for 350 members. The co-working campus will also feature Talent Garden’s Innovation School, a digital skills ‘bootcamp’ education platform, which will provide training for young talent and professionals in areas such as growth hacking, artificial intelligence, coding and blockchain, as well as upskilling professionals and assisting corporates on their ‘digital transformation’ journeys. It is anticipated that the Talent Garden Dublin space will appeal to early-stage startups, tech freelancers, digital agencies and to large corporate 'innovation labs'. It will also stimulate collaborations with the existing established community of digital and Internet of Things innovators based in DCU Alpha. If you are interested in joining the Talent Garden Dublin community or learning more about upcoming events, please visit Sign up before July 31st and receive 50% off the first 3 months of your membership! Talent Garden reveal details of the new Dublin campus, the first residents as well as a month-long tech learning extravaganza to celebrate their upcoming September launch.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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