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"Creating innovation is like climbing a mountain, it might be difficult, but it is also the most exciting experience of a lifetime. This belief comes from my direct experience as an entrepreneur, and it is at the foundation of Talent Garden" says Davide Dattoli, co-founder and CEO of Talent Garden. The Grand Opening of Talent Garden Madrid is a moment to celebrate and welcome our new Spanish innovators into the community. We are investing in Madrid as it is an innovative and digital city, in fact, it is the fourth largest AI hub in Europe, and 32% of Spain's tech community is based in Madrid. Its vibrant ecosystem is characterised by a range of communities, it is one of Europe's largest population centres and has a thriving startup scene, while many important scale-ups started here. In the heat of the economic crisis in 2013, the Spanish government launched an Entrepreneurs' Law that was designed to foster its startup culture, and in turn boost its economy, and 30% of these startups in Spain are based in Madrid. Also, incubators and accelerators play a particularly important role in the growth of the startup ecosystem in the city.  Our latest campus is located near the Atocha Station, and has 5,000 m2 across 4 floors and will host over 300 members, with creative coworking spaces, event and workshop rooms for the Innovation School, terraces and a cafè it is another amazing campus that will continue to give the Spanish startups, freelancers, agencies and corporate labs a base to impact the digital and tech innovation ecosystem. The Grand Opening featured talks from Irene Lozano, Secretary of State of Global Spain, Ángel Niño, Councilor for Citizens in the Madrid City Council and Alberto Levy, listed as an "Innovation Evangelist" By the World Economic Forum and Harvard Business Review Summit on growth, success and challenges. Talent Garden Madrid We also held a round table with the president of Cabify Europe, Mariano Silveyra, the General Director of N26 Spain, Francisco Sierra and the Chief Digital Officer & Ecosystem of Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel of IBM, Beatriz Remón, discussing the role of innovation as an engine for the market in Europe and Spain. They touched on topics like how innovation leads to a paradigm shift in companies and who plays a key role in giving a company a clear mission and vision for the organisations. "We have opted for Spain because we believe there is a lot of potential to continue growing. This is a call to all the most innovative Spanish talents to come join us. Talent Garden is bringing the biggest European community of digital and tech innovators to Spain. Madrid is the first of the many cities where we want to call home for our Talent Garden campuses," says Davide Dattoli  In the afternoon, the inauguration of Talent Garden Madrid continued with the presentation of the Talent Garden Innovation School, a presentation from companies such as IBM, Arsys and Amadeus Ventures.  Discover more about our Talent Garden Madrid campus
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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