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Today selected guests from the Viennese tech ecosystem, our first members and the press had a sneak peek at the six-storey building in the 9th district of Vienna. In grand Talent Garden style, the campus will provide a flexible workspace for freelancers, tech start-ups and corporate innovation labs, with a capacity of housing 500 professionals. It is complete with a TAG café, networking areas and event spaces, the campus will also have our unique Talent Garden Innovation School. A cutting-edge educational institute offering Masterclasses and courses in the fields of digital technologies and innovation. This new campus will become the centre for Austria’s innovation ecosystem, thanks to the international community that Talent Garden has, connecting its members with a network of 23 campuses across Europe and with the support of key local co-founders, successful tech entrepreneurs Martin Giesswein and Max Lammer, the startup300 team and players from the Austrian business economy, such as Raiffeisen Bank International, and local institutions. For Talent Garden founder and CEO Davide Dattoli, the campus in Vienna is a key project in many respects: "Vienna is our first location in a German-speaking country and will be a central hub for Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. That is why we decide to build our largest campus to date. From the Innovation School to the international community and various new event formats - our goal is to support the digital industry in Vienna together with startup300." Bernhard Lehner, board member startup300 continued: "Between startup300 and Talent Garden it was 'love at first sight'. We complement each other perfectly. Talent Garden's campus concept is well thought-out, proven and internationally established in many startup and innovation hotspots. It was clear from the very first meeting with Davide that we had the same understanding of how ecosystems should be built and developed for innovation. As a shareholder and Austrian Startup Ecosystem Partner, we have a strong platform for founders, startups and innovative corporates who are now emerging". Talent Garden has been planning to expand into a German-speaking city since the middle of 2016. Vienna was the perfect location thanks to the ever-growing startup and digital ecosystem and the amazing amount of support our project received from the public, our partners and co-founders Max Lammer and Martin Giesswein who commented: "For me and my co-founder Max Lammer, bringing Talent Garden to Vienna was like founding a start-up: a roller coaster with setbacks and great successes. Now after the ramp-up of the first Talent Garden Campus in a German-speaking region, we are handing it over to the team and Campus Manager Heinz Grottenegg as planned and will be supporting all the upcoming work with the community."      The first floors will be ready and furnished by Christmas and we will have a partial opening at the beginning of January welcoming our first members into the campus. Each floor will be opened as it is finished until the Grand Opening in March along with the Talent Garden Innovation School. Campus manager Heinz Grottenegger has only limited concerns about a full house: "So far alone, we have received more than 100 requests for office space and we are currently in the middle of the process and the first finalisations. We already have agreements with our shareholders such as startup300, Pioneers, Startup Live, Conda or Raiffeisenbank International. This has all happened so far in advance that it looks very good in terms of capacity utilisation. So if you're interested and want to become a part of Talent Garden Vienna, you shouldn't wait until the official opening." For more information about Talent Garden Vienna contact us here. [embed][/embed]
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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