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SureSitter is a Dublin based startup connecting parents with trusted, local babysitters instantly. The web-based platform is designed to take the stress out of finding a babysitter by harnessing the power of recommendations to connect you with babysitters who are reliable and trustworthy. Founded by mum of three, Sinead Asple, SureSitter was born from a personal frustration of not being able to find trusted local babysitters when she needed them. As a busy working mum, having been let down by her childminder once too often she decided to do something about it. So along with her co-founder, Paula Reilly, SureSitter was born. They are among the first to join Talent Garden Dublin, a community which will be home to 350 members providing flexible workspace for freelancers, tech start-ups and corporate innovation labs. We interviewed Co-Founder, Sinead Asple to find out more about the company and the opportunities they envisage from joining Talent Garden.
  1. Can you briefly describe your service?
SureSitter is a technology-enabled real time jobs platform connecting parents and childminders instantly. SureSitter smart matches parents with trusted local childminders that have been recommended by family and friends.
  1. What are the key values driving your business?
Customer experience is probably the key driver. As a parent myself I understand how hard it is to find trusted childcare so being able to help parents connect with trusted local childcare providers as efficiently as possible is the ultimate aim for us.
  1. What are the toughest challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur?
The toughest challenge like most entrepreneurs is trying to achieve as much as possible with limited resources, both financial and time.
  1. What do you hope to gain from joining Talent Garden?
We are really looking forward to becoming part of a community and meeting lots of like-minded individuals. Having attended DCU, it’s nice to be coming back and joining one of Europe’s largest coworking networks. We’re really excited!
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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