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“A purpose-based company is a 5.0 company. A company that seeks more than just economical benefit, it seeks emotional retribution. It aims to make a positive impact on the environment around it“.

Esther Molina, freelance journalist, is working at Talent Garden Madrid during the summer of 2020, speaks passionately about the area in which she has specialized: the innovative ecosystem.   We’re living an uncommon summer, with a lot of uncertainties, and where any type of trend analysis is interesting, even more in the innovation sector. This is precisely what we go into with Esther Molina, who is also an example for other entrepreneurs.

Not anyone can be an entrepreneur

I’m a 360 reporter. I try to keep in mind that I’m capable of anything, and I can literally do pretty much anything related to journalism and communication. I manage and present a radio program about Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship and Technology at EFE Radio, by EFE agency: PYMETECH. I also collaborate with different media: Forbes magazine, the Innovative section of La Razón, El País Retina, …  In addition to presenting events, most of them related to innovation and technology, moderating experts panels and different round tables in Spain, I also get involved in training programs for entrepreneurs and journalists. Regardless of what I do as an active journalist, I am the founder and CEO of Wildcom, a 360 communication agency, that aims to generate impact in press, radio and television nationwide for all kind of companies. We have worked with ASICS, or with big eCommerce companies like Prestashop, but also with startups like Familiados, which tackles the issue of work-life balance, a key topic during the coronavirus crisis, considering how complicated it was and still is. We have also positioned very powerful female profiles in our country, such as Marta Caparrós, the founder and CEO of AUssie YOUtoo, the first online agency for international students who study and work at The Antipodes.

“At a professional level, I consider it a responsibility to try and give visibility to companies or projects that aim to improve the world. This is, in fact, the main objective at Wildcom, and the focus we want to keep from now on”.

We are lucky because there are not many communication agencies that count on active journalists in different media as part of their team, so the database and the media contact book that we have is very large, constantly growing, and constantly updated. And last but not least, during the quarantine, I have created – together with Silvia Rivela and Carmen Hidalgo – Female Startups Leaders, a community of women that are leading high potential strongly established startups in Spain and they have become a reference point in their sectors. Fortunately, it is a project that is growing very fast, and most probably at the end of September, we will organise a presentation in the event space here at Talent Garden Madrid to give them more visibility. But with Female Startups Leaders we not only pursue to give them visibility – which is necessary – but also generate connections between people, because in a situation as complicated as the one we’re living, now more than ever we have to take advantage of networking and connections.

What are the innovative trends with the highest potential? 

Of course, COVID-19 has changed everything or accelerated it. There are many sectors that have been impacted, but those that I think have the highest potential, those that I would address if I was working at a startup or where I would try to invest if I was an investor are:
  • E-health: everything related to the health sector, telemedicine, …
  • Accessibility and inclusion: Technology must be accessible to everyone, regardless of their disabilities, even more in a fully digitized world.
  • Mobility and Smart Cities: something fundamental in big cities where pollution is killing us all.
  • Telecommunications and hyperconnection: all technology has to work and be fast, intuitive…
To sum up, and it is closely linked to the headline of this article, the main focus should be the people, and the primary objective should be focused on the human factor.

Is innovation nowadays more prominent on media?

Yes, of course. Fortunately, in the past 5-6 years in Spain, this topic has been getting more attention. The innovation program of EFE Radio that I present, PYMETECH, is already 6 years old, but when I started there were not many programs about entrepreneurs that gave visibility to startups. However, now there are many: El Referente, Applicants… in the end, the future is to diversify information and divide it into sectors. However, there was still a gap in large media (written press, online journals, radio or television) for these type of contents, since it is there where an entrepreneur generates the biggest impact. However, they’re already doing it. Right now all the media in Spain have entrepreneurship sections and there are also present on TV shows. With the coronavirus crisis, this was even more obvious. I had never seen so many remote interviews with entrepreneurs on TV in my entire life, to talk about projects that help people overcome this situation. In any case, I always say that all journalists like to tell stories of people who create jobs, who are trying to help people, who are doing something with a very clear differential value that has never been seen before, … so there is interest in telling stories about entrepreneurship.

What does an environment like Talent Garden do for the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem?

Talent Garden is more than a fantastic and inspiring coworking space – one of the reasons why I came to work here. I think that what you’re creating is an ecosystem, an innovative ecosystem, but also a place where a lot of people who know a lot about a specific topic, come together, meet in person, they do brand actions together and very interesting business opportunities can come out. It’s happened to me, for example. I’ve met an entrepreneur here, and we’re already talking about doing a joint event.  That’s an ecosystem, and that’s what Talent Garden is doing very well. I think you have also made a good investment in human resources, hiring very well-connected professionals, and you are gathering here a large number of companies and professionals that are not looking for the classic coworking. They are looking for this precisely: the connections and contacts, which is the currency of the future.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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