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Impact Report Torino is the document that summarises the 2021 of the innovation ecosystem taking OGR Tech powered by Talent Garden as a privileged observatory of trends, projects, initiatives and common goals. Inaugurated in June 2019, the acceleration hub reaches its third year of activity and for this reason begins to be able to advance reasoning not only in terms of results but, gradually, of impact. On the basis of which metrics can we develop a proper assessment of the impact? This answer would deserve a report in itself: from the number of hires to the amount of capital that allows the growth of the territory, from the partnerships created to the young companies supported through the corporations attracted so that they invest in the local ecosystem. This is 2021 seen through OGR Tech. “Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 emergency, we have seen an unprecedented acceleration towards the development of solutions and projects capable of fostering the rapid implementation of new strategies. By bringing together the indispensable ingredients of innovation – the corporate world, financial institutions, applied research, expertise and high-potential startups – we have been able to generate virtuous collaborations with over 70 partners, consolidating the dialogue with national and international players and broadening our commitment to business acceleration and venture building."

Massimo Lapucci CEO di OGR e segratario generale di Fondazione CRT

In this detailed report, all necessary data to understand the evolution of the world of work have been collected, comparing Europe and Italy, with a focus on the cities that are best adapting to change and digitization. An entire section dedicated to the analysis of the most sought-after professional figures of 2021 - with the support of data collected by Digital Innovation of Politecnico di Milano - and much more. To know more, including results and future objectives of OGR Tech, download the full report.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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