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The evolution of agriculture 4.0, more commonly called Smart Farming, is similar to what is happening with Industry 4.0. Through the introduction of Big Data, drones and the Internet of Things are activating processes of development and connection between product and production, territory and environment, logistics and commercial network.

Smart Agriculture, precision farming and precision agriculture are increasingly common terminologies in the field of technologies applied to the world of agriculture. Following the guidelines suggested by FAO, it is necessary to develop new methods of cultivation, agricultural production and approach to agriculture in order to meet the growing demand of the nine billion people who will populate the planet by 2050. The new logic based on data-based decision-making structures becomes the frontier for the development of predictive solutions that can provide indications on where, when and how to operate in an increasingly efficient and effective manner. As a result, smart farming surrounds itself with technologies such as software applications, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, data analytics and end user services that open up new technological scenarios and business models. On the other hand, farmers do not receive a different view of their cultures than they do today, but they do have more precise, real-time-generated sets of information that can be compared, via the cloud and open data, to historical elements, as well as cross-fertilised environmental factors. Collecting data is, however, only the first step towards smart farming: it is necessary to start processing these datasets using machine learning algorithms that can, if properly trained, generate future predictions and, consequently, provide feedback to make data driven decisions for agriculture.

Join the Open Innovation Challenge of CNH industrial and Talent Garden

CNH industrial and Talent Garden are promoters of the Open Innovation Challenge in order to hire startups, research centres and early stage companies for the development of solutions in the field of Agriculture 4.0. Circular economy, data driven solutions and customer experience are the three vertical solutions on which the three challenges have been developed. The winners of each challenge will have the opportunity to develop their own idea in synergy and in partnership with CNH industrial and see their prototype come to life with the support of experts and specialists in the field of agritech.

The three themes proposed by CNH Industrial

Circular Economy
The 2030 sustainable agenda is pushing the Industry to develop new solutions, transforming and re-designing our infrastructures by focusing on innovative technologies that enable doubling food production, infrastructure growth, and urban development in a sustainable way. In recent years, we changed approach to sustainability, moving from a reactive one to a proactive one in which CNH Industrial leverages sustainability to make decisions for long-term value creation. At the same time, the demand for smart agriculture technology is increasing and new circular business models are emerging – a trend driven by the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and a growing interest from producers and consumers for a shared-value approach where business and social aims meet, and the impact on the environment is minimized.
Connectivity solutions
3.7 billion people on the Planet own a smartphone: they can stay up to date on the latest news and trends and at the same time reach out to millions of people in real time. Our mission is to design a unified experience allowing our end-users to be connected with us during the whole customer journey. CNH
Customer and Operator Experience
In the new era of Digital Transformation (Agriculture 4.0), our Company is exploring the most innovative technologies which are now leading the transition from product to service-driven strategies. Connectivity, smart sensors and data-driven value creation are key emerging trends. Their development translates into tools that enable our Brands to offer customers even more efficient, sustainable, and smart products to support their businesses. Our Company is focusing on innovative technologies, from collecting reliable data to leveraging them for advanced decision-making, to optimise agricultural operations during the whole farming cycle, enhancing production performance and efficiency with environmentally friendly methods and solutions. Considering the growth of the Agriculture 4.0 market, at CNH Industrial we are looking for innovative solutions that can create value from data, which is no longer sourced merely from farm equipment, but generated using new services and transformed into actionable intelligence and substantial added value. In the end, this product-created data stream provides customers with decision support systems for advanced data processing and analysis as well as real time remote assistance and maintenance applications.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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Talent Garden, Digital Skills Academy

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