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Coworking is a way of working already widespread, statistics have estimated that by the end of 2016 there will be more than 10’000 coworking spaces all around the world. A reality of on-going growth and able to offer many opportunities to people, whom engage with these open spaces.

We asked to the startups that live in our campuses which are the reasons why they chose the coworking option to ensure development in their entrepreneurial ideas and businesses; community resulted in being fundamental. In a coworking environment, startups live similar challenges in terms of development of a product, growth and investors scrutinisation (etc.) and be part of a network can create many more opportunities and speed up the process of problem solving.

To not forget that our startup incubators, such as Digital Magics, regularly fill up our spaces, not only to check their investments but also to stimulate the collaboration and learning in their inner community of mentors and entrepreneurs.

The startups that work in our spaces have highlighted these 10 reasons:

1. Saving: coworking means sitting at a desk where different businesses and companies sit next to each other sharing the same space. Its low-cost because everyone divides the services costs (cleaning and security services ad well as receptionists) meaning that you save on many fixed costs.

2. Size scalability: your office is able to grow [or shrink] in size depending on the business’ budget. In a coworking space it is easier to regulate the number of working areas that you rent, without an expensive adjustment in terms of money and time.

3. Flexibility: This is fundamental in coworking spaces. There are options for brief, monthly or annual lease contracts. Try obtain this from a private property.

4. Collaboration: Are you looking for a developer? There are 5 on your same floor. Do you need an e-commerce platform? Your desk neighbour is looking for new clients. Everyone knows everyone and everybody is here to help.

5. Location: What about spending a few couple of hundred euros per month on a real working space in a privileged location? Coworking means an excellent price-quality ratio, including a high-profile location in which, you can welcome your clients.

6. Meeting rooms: Conference rooms are always available when needed and usually make a good first impression on potential clients. Coworking spaces are provided with meeting rooms, receptionists and technologically advanced audio/video equipment.

7. Internal communication: Are you looking for a coworking space exclusively for your business? Try out the private boxes. This type of offices are provided in various dimensions and offer a relatively large private co-working space.

8. Training programmes: Many campuses offer formation programmes centred on innovation and digital. What is covered during the seminars can vary from suggestions on how to stand out and grow on social media, to marketing. Beginners English lessons are also offered.

9. Networking events: Are you ready to meet many people whom you share interests with and can help you develop your business? Coworking spaces are based on networks between businesses, investors and professionals. Taking advantage of the opportunity would help you meet potential clients and suppliers. All you need to do to expand your business is a coffee or a match at table football!

10. Community: Networking aids development, but community generates relationship and a sense of teamwork. Who said that two competing businesses can’t help each other out and simultaneously develop? This also allows startups specialise and develop further in a  particular sector and industry.

Looking for more information on our coworking spaces? Discover the Talent Garden campus network and book a visit in the campus you are most interested in, we have spaces all over Italy, but also abroad!
Article updated on: 01 September 2023
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