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Coworking spaces are becoming more and more common around the world with many professionals choosing to rent these flexible spaces and enjoy a shared workplace. At first glance this may seem odd, because staying at home or inside a private space without noise and other distractions could be considered an ideal situation. In fact, the possibility of being in an office context even when one is not working as an employee can have many advantages. The benefits of coworking spaces range from the networking opportunities to the characteristics of the structure (high speed internet connection, meeting rooms, etc), from the delocalized nature of this kind of “office” (ideally one can find a coworking space even when on the move) to the socialization opportunities. So, let’s review the benefits of a shared workspace.

Work-life separation

During the coronavirus outbreak many people have experienced working from home for the first time. While at first this may have been a dream come true, soon people realized that not having a separate place dedicated to work meant that work-life separation began to be affected.  Having a dedicated workplace where you can meet other people, interact with, and most of all, step into in the morning and leave when the work is done is very important to maintain a good work-life balance. Without this physical divide, the borders between private life and work begin to blur. Commuting may not be so bad after all: coworking brings structure to your day.

Events and networking

Among the advantages of a coworking space one can surely count the fact that usually these shared workspaces host events, workshops, and other education opportunities. Attending could be a great occasion for self-improvement but also for meeting new people interested in the same things as you. And of course, coworkings give you the chance of working alongside other brilliant professionals that you may come to know and interact with, discovering new interesting professional opportunities and expanding your horizons in new industries and sectors.

Increase in productivity

Coworking places are designed with the goal of creating a space for focus and increased productivity. Between the many benefits of a shared workspace, you have the availability of a professional space where you can meet clients, a creative space that provides inspiration and the possibility of upscaling or downscaling when needed.  However perhaps most importantly, coworking provides the perfect environment for focused work and avoiding the continuous distractions and interruptions you may experience while working from home. Even the view of other focused and hard at work individuals can help you in attaining concentration and motivation.

Cutting the costs

If you’re a small business or a freelancer having your own space implies some costs: electricity, the internet, buying office equipment, etc. A huge advantage of a coworking space is that you can have your office ready to use without having to endure all the expenses and the nuisances of setting it up and maintaining it. Also, you can share amenities and utilities and you are not going to need to hire maintenance and a technical staff to get things done.

Facilities and amenities

Coworking spaces are not just workplaces. They do offer many facilities like gyms, catering services, cafeterias, relax rooms, wellness activities, meditation and outdoor areas. And on the professional side, they provide conference rooms, high speed internet connection, remote conferencing other words you have an entire well-kept structure behind you, leaving your mind free to focus on what is important for your work.

Being part of a community

And, last but not least, working in a shared workspace is fun! You are and feel part of a thriving, dynamic community of people with which you can interact, be inspired by, exchange ideas with, or just have a chat during coffee time. On the flip side, when working from home you can experience isolation and loneliness which over time, can impact your sense of wellbeing and your work.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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