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Learning the basics of programming is not impossible? It is not something for professional experts only. The job market is on the lookout for skills also including writing lines of code. Learning the basics of programming is always interesting even for people working in other specialties of the digital world. Coding is already taught in primary school and there are a wide variety of projects whose goal is teaching programming to children.

Learning to program?
Having a basic knowledge of programming is surely useful: Let’s see why.

1. Autonomy

Companies operating in the digital domain may need to implement software or website code corrections. If professional programmers are not available, it is certainly useful to have a professional with the necessary experience to correct the code and make small changes or integrations.

2. Project development leadership abilities

For company managers often working with technical programmers or that have to commission software or online presence to external entities, it is surely easier to fulfill their job duties if they have a basic knowledge of programming. Before signing a contract, a manager may ask technical questions and evaluate offers and costs estimates, having a better overall knowledge of the situation. Web companies or software companies' sales managers must also learn to program so that they may interface with clients and developers using the correct terminology.

3. New job opportunities

Having good planning abilities is a contributing factor in improving workers' professional profiles and consolidating their role within the company. It may also provide new career opportunities, especially if these new skills are acquired by attending a course taught by industry training professionals. Knowledge of certain programming languages may transform a company administrative director into a project manager, who in addition to the necessary management skills also has technical knowledge.  

Which are the recommended programming languages?

Many programming languages have been used over the last decades: from Cobol to Fortran. Those who want to learn to program must, nevertheless, refer to languages that are currently more commonly used, and also based on the job ads requirements for professionals. In recent years, certain languages have gained traction and you may choose which one of these languages you should learn first. Learning a programming language actually is much like learning a foreign language: naturally, it is difficult at first, but then you discover that many aspects of its syntax and grammar are also common to other known languages. Learning to manage the basics of programming language tools makes it easier to then learn the others.  

Here are the most popular language functions!


JAVA language

Java is one of the most common programming languages in the world. It was developed in a university environment through research at Stanford University and it has been used since 1992. Java owes its popularity because it was incorporated in the Netscape browser in 1993 and because it works very well also for Web programming. Java is the programming language basics of Android-based applications and it is used on most mobile telephones worldwide. Companies such as LinkedIn and Netflix have a Java-based online presence that is used to develop software, websites, and mobile device applications. Java may be considered a development of C and C++ languages and shares many common elements with them.  

C Language

C language is absolutely recommended for those who are just beginning to learn about programming, not so much because it is easy, but because it is extensively thorough. C language is a procedural language created in 1972. This is why it is so different than object-oriented languages, such as Java, with which it, nonetheless, shares substantial similarities. It is a code comprising mathematical expressions and application instructions and it constitutes the grounds for operating systems for the most recent gaming and applications programming languages. Portability is one of the main characteristics of the C language: elements of code may actually be transferred to the most common hardware architectures. It is characterized by the presence of system libraries that make available parts of programs previously created and often used. C language is particularly useful to learn to program because it makes it possible to acquire a mental framework oriented towards problem-solving, whose knowledge will help you learn languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, and PHP.  

JavaScript Language

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a dynamic scripting language targeting objects that support the use of previously programmed prototypes. Its basic syntax is very similar to that of its Java and C++ precursors, which allows you to learn to program quickly thanks to a reduced number of new concepts for users of the other two languages. Nevertheless, it surely is a language considered easy for those who want to learn to program. JavaScript is used for the programming of websites, software, and applications. It is one of the most commonly used languages, the application for Facebook was developed in JavaScript and some widely used platforms such as PayPal and Groupon, use JS technology in their Web Servers. JavaScript has been designed to make websites dynamic and it is fairly easy to use as it does not require the management of programming environments: to start developing code, simply open one of the most popular browsers and then the “Web console" from the menu.  

C++ language

C++ language is another good option for those who want to learn programming basics. It is essentially a development of the C language sharing many commonalities thereof. The main difference between the two programming languages is that C++ is an object-based language, while C language is a procedural language, namely, it involves a sequence of instructions. The two languages basically have very similar structures and syntaxes and, because they are very popular, learning those languages is a good alternative to learning other modern languages.

Python language

Python is defined as a language that is particularly easy to learn. This was the actual purpose of this language when it was created in 1991 by the developer. Python addresses the needs of those who want to learn to program quickly. Python is available on Mac and Linux operating systems, whereas in Windows it needs to be installed from the official site. Python is a very versatile language that makes it possible to develop websites, software, tools for data analysis, and artificial intelligence. It is indicated for people who want to learn to program and it is often an alternative language to JavaScript. It is also widely used in Universities and in schools worldwide. Python is a language defined as interpreted: while C language requires a compiler to process code and to make code executable, code processed in Python is immediately ready for use. It is a programming language available for free use and it is also very popular for the development of large-size platforms like Google and YouTube. In Python, each line of code corresponds to the command and no objects are used. This language is also very good for the development of websites thanks to the many pre-filled frameworks that avoid having to write code for all the standard parts of a website and dedicated instead to highly customizable parts. The language syntax is clean and simple and it makes the language fun to use for many developers, its name referring to the Monty Python comedy group.  

PHP language

PHP language is recommended for those who are particularly interested in learning the specifics of web programming. This language is used by over 80% of websites worldwide. Therefore, by learning the basics of PHP programming you will be able to easily move around in a Web environment. You may develop an entire website, correct or quickly implement the code of websites that are already online, without having to seek the assistance of a developer. Learning basic programming in PHP is a good decision, as this is an open-source language that is used by popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. PHP is easy to learn and lets you assess users' results in real-time, while you are working on the server.  

Difference between low and high-level languages.

The selection of the best language to learn the programming basics affects the classification between low and high-level languages. This is a distinction based on value: a low-level programming language actually coincides with the machine language that is used by a computer CPU. A low-level language is, therefore, literally used to provide direct instructions to the machine in its own language. A high-level language may be defined as language-oriented towards programming and, therefore, versatile and easier to develop. This type of language communicates with the processor through a second software that may be called either compiler or interpreter. Learning how to program The web makes available millions of content, guides, video, and tutorials to learn basic programming. Manuals and books to learn programming are also available. The wide array of languages does not make it possible to collect them all into a single volume, therefore, the grounds for resource selection depends on the particular language selected. The web is especially rich in quality content, some of which are available for free. Useful and well-drafted material in the Italian language that is published on the sites, under the section "Guide”, are some of the resources available for consultation. Manuals to learn to program in Python, C++, C, and other programming languages are also available. For those of you who are familiar with the English language, the Web offers an even broader selection of online courses, video tutorials, e-books, and resources that may be downloaded and seen at your own pace. For those who prefer hardcopy printed manuals that may be studied and left on your desk and immediately available for programming beginners, Amazon and all of its online libraries offer a wide array of textbooks and e-books. The feedback from those who have already purchased these books may serve as a guideline in the selection of the most appropriate textbook based on previously acquired programming skills. This online and offline material is surely useful when creating lines of code, assessing the skills acquired, and learning about the aspects of programming.    Lastly, attending a course in programming may surely be useful to managers, digital professionals handling areas involving programming, such as Web marketing, as well as to those who want to test their knowledge and turn programming into a profession. Face-to-face learning provides the opportunity to ask questions to the teachers, to promote an exchange of experiences with course colleagues and it allows students to write lines of code with the help of an instructor. Lastly, completion of a training course certified by qualified specialists confirming the acquired skills provides an added value that is taken into account when considering a person's professional advancement within the company. Ready for your career as a Coder? Discover the intensive and immersive CodeMaster Online Bootcamp.
Article updated on: 27 March 2024
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