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“Leave a mark.” Filippo Scorza, Digital Innovation Consultant, Talent Garden and Co-founder, Skillando

You are always trying to improve as a professional: in a big company, in a startup. But at some point in spite of success, big ideas and economic stability, you can’t answer that simple question “why?”. Why am I doing this? What is my real purpose? It is hard to explain. But it was this question that made me decide to do something entirely out of my comfort zone, and so I left with only one certainty: it would not be easy.
But even walking through a slum in my white shoes, I still felt so out of place. I was in Africa, but I still felt like I was in Italy. So I decided to start living with just the essentials, living in beta, exactly like Talent Garden showed me. I stopped asking myself “what do you want to do?” instead “what problem do you want to solve?” and just when I had no expectations, it all started a little by chance during a Social Innovation Program that I did in Nairobi. During one of the various meetups, I met some developers who told me about their free training course in an institute called Tunapanda, in Kibera one of the biggest slums of the city. I remember the first time I visited that school, the houses in that area are just “shacks” built with corrugated iron and in the middle is a very high antenna from Tunapanda broadcasting free wifi to allow internet access to the whole area. I fell in love with that school, they are teaching HTML, CSS and Python with the support of online courses from Coursera or YouTube channel and they alternate with lessons on Business Model Canvas and 3D printing. I volunteered and I felt I had found my personal “why.” The desire to participate and share my wealth of business and educational experiences. I put into practise everything I had learned in the Talent Garden Innovation School Master, every day, I helped the young students to develop their digital projects and resilience. It is a type of mindset that Talent Garden gives you, a way of looking at the world is a different way, and I wanted to give those students the same knowledge that the amazing Talent Garden Innovation School faculty had given me. It was while I was teaching these coding lessons that I realised anyone could share their digital skills and competences and that’s how Skillando came about. A community of coders, web developers, graphic and product designers, UI-UX designers, mentors, business designers, marketers, growth hackers, content creators that work for digital democracy, against the digital divide, many of who come from Talent Garden. We realized we could do something. We can inspire each other by going beyond borders. Why? Because life is about making an impact.
Article updated on: 14 August 2023
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