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“You have to move, always keep moving.” Alberto Vera Llop Service and Product Designer at Hecho.Company and Scientific Coordinator, Talent Garden Innovation School

Often, companies see design as a superficial aspect, and, as designers, we need to change this perception. In Spain, for example, there is just not enough company culture around design. We need to show them that design has very concrete benefits on their business. It’s up to us to demonstrate that design impacts businesses in very valuable ways that also includes revenue. Design isn’t a “make up” for products or services. Design changes people’s experience. Design has a great transforming power and it’s a cultural and economic engine. Design leads to innovation. In order to change companies mindset about design, we need to encourage social innovation projects because that is when people feel the real impact that design has in their lives. We have to get people to choose design. So I mean, in the end, it’s not about convincing companies to believe in design, it’s about showing people that design is impacting their lives for the better and to increase the public demand from all industries. But, at the same time, companies also need to give designers a chance to show them what design can really do. We need to build trust. When the Talent Garden Innovation School asked us to be the Scientific Coordinators of the UX Design Máster, it was such a perfect match. When planning the course content, I was thinking back to when I personally had been searching for Bootcamps around UX design in Madrid. I wanted to make sure this course could offer the best of what is already on the market but also fill in all the gaps of what is being missed by other educational institutes. In Madrid, you can find lots of UX design course, but they are mainly focused on UI design even if that is only half of what UX is all about. Our Master is focused on UX from all aspects, not only digital. A 360-degree view of user and customer experience and the impacts it has on businesses. Our students will get the tools and skills they need to understand the business around design and go deeper into the entire process. For us, finding Talent Garden was a perfect fit for our business, Hecho.Company. We bring business innovation to companies through design methods improving their products and services. Being inside the Talent Garden Madrid campus gives us a lot of opportunities. Not only do we fit in well with the community, and it’s great being surrounded by entrepreneurs, but I also believe that the value of Talent Garden and this building is also helping us get more clients. When they come to visit us here they see so much more than just desks, they see an ecosystem, they see the value of what is happening here, and the innovative environment we are in.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
Talent Garden
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Talent Garden, Digital Skills Academy

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