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“Be kind. Seriously.” Rasa Strumskyte, Country Director Denmark & the Nordics, CSO Talent Garden Global

2019 was a big year for the Nordic startup scene. Over €134 million was invested in Denmark-based startups alone, and we are proud to be a base for some of those startups and being able to support them along their journey. For Talent Garden here in Denmark it was also a big year: we celebrated the launch of the Talent Garden Innovation School, cheered to inspiring community stories, teamed up with new corporate partners, we learned that to evolve further you sometimes have to let things go, scouted broad horizons and even announced a new opening. And, we had some great team-fun while crafting every single activity for our big community and the Danish ecosystem. Let’s zoom in on our Talent Garden Innovation School. Focusing on the future of work, we launched masterclasses in AI, growth hacking and UX to teach our community the skills we all need to take on the future. To get first-hand market feedback, we also launched a regional study, Hybrid Humans. With tons of insights on trends, job dynamics and most-in demand skills, we are now ready to craft a new series of educational activities for 2020. Ready to tailor the Talent Garden Innovation School to fit the needs of all the entrepreneurs inside our community. Another important step in fostering the local ecosystem’s growth has been partnering with bigger companies and organizations. We teamed up to spread awareness of the rising tech verticals like 3D printing and sports tech. Once again, we could see how much corporates can learn from startups and vice versa. And that is how it should be going both ways. And we will put even more effort in facilitating these connections in the next year. We kept our focus high on creating a ‘home’ for entrepreneurs across all three locations in Copenhagen, and we learned once again that it pays off. Big time. Even when the buildings go, our community remains. In 2019, we completed the mission at one of the Copenhagen locations, Pier47. A unique project and home to +350 members that became “the place to go” for some of the most admired Danish corporates. Pier47 held events for 1,000+ industry leaders and played a great role in fostering three new tech communities in Copenhagen - Healthtech, Maritime & Transport, and Sportstech. In 2019 we also celebrated the opening of a new stunning campus in the Baltic region. This new addition of +230 tech entrepreneurs from right across the sea in Talent Garden Vilnius, is a +2,000 sqm campus in the heart of the Lithuanian capital and is a significant step towards our continues expansion. Let ’s make 2020 be a year of meaningful connections and new collaborations.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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