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A plan worth over nine million euros will support Talent Garden with the opening of three new campuses and will further strengthen the positioning of the Talent Garden Innovation School across Europe. An incredible partnership created with CDP Venture Capital SGR and GAMA, an important Family Office that is a stockholder in, among many others, Hugo Boss will drive expansion in 2021 for Talent Garden. The project aims to support the digital transformation across Europe by accelerating entrepreneurship linked to innovation and technology. A special part of the project is the opening of three new campuses in the South of Italy. The three regions chosen by Talent Garden for these new campuses are in the top ten for the presence of startups in Italy according to data from the government (September 2020): 4.11% of startups are located in Puglia (496 startups), 4, 79% in Sicily (578) and 8.15% in Campania (983). The expansion also focuses on the launch of new digital skills courses for a European audience. The goal is to amplify the reach of the Talent Garden Innovation School and to empower young talents in areas such as coding, data, marketing, and design. "This year has shown us how important it is to connect and learn no matter where you are sitting. Whether it is in a big city, a coastal town, at home or in a Talent Garden campus. For us, this investment will drive our plans to amplify the reach of our digital skills courses, creating a European school that trains talented individuals intending to close the digital skills gap and allowing entrepreneurship and innovation to thrive." Davide Dattoli co-founder and CEO of Talent Garden.  Applications for these international courses are already open and aim to bring together talented young professionals who want to excel in digital fields. Starting in spring 2021 the Innovation School is offering five English courses, two full time courses: CodeMaster Bootcamp and UX Design Bootcamp. Plus three part time courses: UX Design Fundamentals Course, Business Data Analysis Online Program and Growth & Digital Marketing Online Program. Online Learning - Zoom Talent Garden continues to offer coworking, education and corporate innovation programs focused on digital transformation and open innovation. Founded in Italy in 2011, today the company has a network of 21 campuses in 8 countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Spain). These campuses are a base for ideas and collaborations to thrive, hosting a community of 4,500 startups, agencies, corporate labs, freelancers, investors, media companies and students. CDP Venture Capital SGR and the Marzotto family are the most recent to invest in Talent Garden. Since the founding of Talent Garden, TIP - Tamburi Investment Partner has led the way together with Indaco, Social Capital, Endeavor and some of the most important Italian family offices, supporting the company to raise a total of 65M of capital.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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