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“The instinct for innovation drives change.” Giovanni Tamburi, President at Tamburi Investment Partners

I’m originally from Rome, even if I ran away from this city almost 40 years ago, not because I did not like it, but because I was looking for opportunities that at the time I just could not find there. Over the years I have come back often to my hometown, and the last time I was there in September for the grand opening of Talent Garden Ostiense, I was so surprised to find a different city, a vibrant place filled with innovators that were making the difference, people who were trying to create the opportunities that the city needs. I have seen entrepreneurs looking for changes and I felt, inside that new campus, exactly the same sensations of all of the Talent Garden campuses I have visited, from Denmark to Vienna and across Italy, with all of the members aimed at contributing to a very different way of developing an enterprise. It ’s not just a space it ’s a community of startups, big corporates, and students who are all united by a like-minded vision for digital innovation. The campus in Rome is home to companies like Accenture, Leonardo and many others and it ’s a perfect example of the fact that cooperation and contamination work quite well. This project, therefore, represents an important investment in the digital ecosystem in Rome with the aim of making the capital also a reference point for digital innovation at a European level. It ’s amazing how many opportunities you can have in such an environment. This is what Talent Garden does, it creates opportunities. Tamburi Investments Partners, as an investment and merchant bank, has been backing Talent Garden since its founding in 2011. We liked the idea of mixing together digital, innovation and physical space. We understood the value of getting together under one roof and that was what this startup was offering. I really believe in the potential of this unprecedented combination of creative coworking, education and industry- driven events to connect tech talents and corporates. That’s why we increased the investment in the company and helped them to close a 44€ Million capital increase in March 2019. We have investments in many different medium and big traditional companies and believe in the power of innovation, and one of the reasons why we have been investing in Talent Garden is that we want to support the connection between “needs” and “competencies” to possibly boost innovation. I think that in successful companies it ’s key to invest in innovation and to find the right partner, that might also be a smaller and less mature company but can have a big impact and can lead them in the process of facing the digital economy.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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