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I’m waiting for a response from my Jobcenter. Is there a deadline? 

Be mindful that it takes the Jobcenter 2-3 weeks to process all applications, which means that the class might be full by the time we get the confirmation from the Jobcenter. In this case, we might have opened up a new class starting a few weeks later. 

When do I get a confirmation that I have been accepted?

Your A-kasse or Jobcenter will let you know if they have accepted you and then they send us a betalningstilsagn. If that is the case, you will receive an email with practical information from us around two weeks before the course starts. 

Can I pay for the course myself? 

Unfortunately, we are only accepting students via Jobcenters or A-kasse. But please look up the rest of our Talent Garden online courses in English on our website. 

Is the course online? 

Yes, it is, with certain physical touchpoints if the restrictions allow it. 

Am I expected to study full time? 

No. The course is 10 hours per week, with approximately 5-10 more hours of “home work”. 

What happens if I miss one class? 

We encourage all students to participate in each class. However, if you cannot attend a class, we will upload lecture recordings and material on the course website each week. 

What happens if I get a job in the middle of the course? Can I still finish the course? 

Since it is the Jobcenter/A-kasse that pays for the course, it is up to them to decide whether you can finish the course. Once you have started the course, the Jobcenter will have to pay the full amount, so our experience is that they will let you finish it if it is ok with your new employer – and for certain if completing the course, is a main reason for the employer to hire you.   

Do I need a computer?

Yes, you do. Talent Garden Innovation School Copenhagen is an innovative educational institute that uses a disruptive learning approach that puts people at the centre through a cutting-edge training methodology. Make sure to check out our website for more information about our 2021 fall intake of our Innovation School unemployment training programs.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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