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“Imagine, Create, Learn.” Nieves Ábalos Serrano and Carlos Muñoz-Romero co-founder of Monoceros Labs

Voice interactions are the most antique form of communication, it is also what separates humans from animals, and objects, up until now anyway. Technology is giving everyday household items a voice. But our voices are diverse, complex, and inconsistent. Voice commands are extremely hard to process - even between people, let alone electronic devices. The way we think, the way we use slang and of course the impact of different cultural communication styles all contribute to giving meaning to our conversations, and all of these subtle differences influence the interpretation and comprehension of our words. Here at Monoceros Labs, we are focused on building voice applications for platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for Spanish speakers. This is something extremely complex because Spanish is very different from English in many ways and technology has a lot of limitations right now, it is not enough to know the meaning of a word but it is about designing conversations, and a huge challenge is designing for the fact that the user has no visual interface and learning how to interact with users in a natural way and knowing how they will choose to interact with that specific device. [embed][/embed] Also, each platform from a technology perspective is very challenging, and so we are continuously learning, adapting and finding ways of working and developing solutions to building these applications for each specific project and products. But it is great, we wanted to challenge ourselves, in the beginning, we made this decision to start a new adventure knowing it would be full of challenges but also unexpected successes, and we did not want to miss the opportunity that was presented to us. It has been an amazing first year and so much has happened including moving into Talent Garden Madrid. We had met the community manager at a “Women in Voice” event supporting women empowerment in voice technology, and she invited us to tour the campus, and we just fell in love. Working here has allowed us to build relationships with both the digital and tech community and the Talent Garden team. This has given us numerous opportunities to collaborate with others. It has opened doors that we needed in such an important moment in our business.
Article updated on: 14 August 2023
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