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“Hard work always pays off” Alberico Zitiello, Frontend Developer at Quick Algorithm and Talent Garden Innovation School Graduate.

Learning to code is not linear: you shouldn’t give too much space to immediate successes nor get intimidated by quick failures. In the long run, you will be better. Just keep practising and learning. Coding is a craft, and like every craft, this means you can learn it, and it is best to learn it through consistent practice. For me, my journey through life, in general, has supported me in becoming a developer. After high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I would ask myself “What’s next? Should I go to university, should I find a job or maybe travel?” I really didn’t have any clear ideas and that, in a way, was how my calmness and curiosity made me into a tester. When you learn to code, it requires the willingness to experiment with concepts you don’t quite understand. I started exploring different types of career opportunities, and I tried being a mechanic and a soldier. In coding, nothing is wrong or a waste of time; because you always learn from your mistakes. But during all these experiments, my hobby never changed: programming. So after two years, I decided to improve my skills and turn my passion into a job. But before making a decision, I wanted to be sure. I was trying to figure out how to invest in myself and understand the value of my current job market or what would happen if I took the opportunity to study. But in the end, I felt that I was not ready for the real world of programming because I was only self-taught. But at the same time, I was conscious that all my experiences had taught me so much more than that of simple scholastic education. That’s why I chose a different school. I chose Talent Garden Innovation School. Doing the CodeMaster, confirmed that I loved coding and that I wanted to work as a developer. During those twelve weeks, I improved my learner’s mindset: I understood that improvement will not be linear, that mistakes are possible, that perseverance pays off. But most of all, I discovered a community that speaks my language, always ready to talk about how to solve problems. A community that today is part of my daily routine. I’m now a Frontend Developer and I work in the startup Quick Algorithm that selected me thanks to the assessment I did with Talent Garden. Now I write code that contributes to producing something people can use, something tangible. And the thing I like more than anything else is that it’s about experimenting every day.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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