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“Always remember positivity attracts positivity.” Silvia Tovo Co-founder and Export Manager at Meracinque

“It’s time to do this. I’m going to quit my job.” I still remember those words my sister Benedetta said as we sat around our big kitchen table on that Christmas night. I remember it so clearly because that was the moment when this all started, when Meracinque was born. Growing up with my five sisters in the Venetian countryside and taking walks with my grandfather in the endless rice fields filled with ancient farming traditions gave my sisters and me a deep love for the land, for family traditions and of course rice. Risotto was our grandfather’s signature recipe, and it’s a dish that still gives us a sense of harmony between my sisters and me. Meracinque was an idea that took our father and grandfather’s passion for growing rice, that had been their business for more than 40 years and led the way for a more sustainable, fruitful and innovative business model. So two years ago, we set off on a new adventure, a way to reinvent my father’s passion into something new, fresh and feminine. But it was not easy. I was changing my daily work routine: from hundreds of emails in one day to zero, from having a boss to being my own boss, from having a team to working all alone. But these challenges motivate us to work harder and to continue learning and experimenting every day. When I found out that Talent Garden was opening a campus dedicated to foodtech, it was immediate. I knew we had found a home for our business. It was something that really changed everything and set the course for many other positive changes in my life and for Meracinque. After working from home alone and often feeling isolated, I now find myself surrounded by people that are living similar situations to me. I arrive here in the morning and get a coffee at TAG Café, and I will just sit next to someone who you start talking to, it is so valuable just to know the people around you have solutions to a problem you are facing because they might have already been through it. We share experiences, advice and contacts every day. Talent Garden Isola is a place where innovation is celebrated, and for what we are doing, reinventing rice culture, we need a base that understands what it means to innovate. We are using micro natural, farming 4.0, ageing, low-temperature drying, and sustainability. We are combining precision farming with the internet of agriculture. Meracinque is our dream of feeling at home when you are far away, thanks to a special Italian dish that we love so much.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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