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“Relax, nothing is under control.” Christine Schättin, Innovation Manager at Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Innovation Garden is the group-wide intrapreneurship program of Raiffeisen Bank International AG in which employees can work together in a startup-like atmosphere. The program consists of several phases. At the beginning of the year, all employees were invited to submit their innovative ideas on an idea platform. Twenty ideas were chosen to be further developed at the Innovation Jam. During this two-day event, one hundred employees from all different network banks worked together and competed for a place in the intrapreneurship program. Our board chose the most promising ideas, that our intrapreneurs are working on right now here at Talent Garden ViennaDuring this twelve-week program, the teams explore the ideas and underlying challenges, follow a design thinking process and are currently building their first prototypes. At the end of the program, the teams present their outcome and learnings to the board and pitch for investment to build a minimum viable product. The teams chosen to proceed into the MVP phase will then have the chance to work like a real startup and test their business assumptions. To create a program like this and for it to be successful, it is absolutely necessary to have an inspiring work environment. During Innovation Garden our employees work outside their known corporate environment. At Talent Garden, they experience startup life and connect with a community of entrepreneurs. We have held several events to which we invited the Talent Garden community, we also invited founders and experts from the startup world as guest speakers. This was incredibly insightful and beneficial for our intrapreneurs. We believe this way of working enables our participants to create something new and special as they look beyond their day-to-day organizational silos. We don’t just want to create an outcome, but also to train innovation ambassadors, that take the lead in transforming continuous innovation into a superior customer experience. In the end, we hope that our participants take all that they have learned back to the corporation and spread their acquired innovation mindset within their workplace, towards an innovative and customer-centric approach.
Article updated on: 09 August 2023
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